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Bending or squatting does not come easy for everyone. For some of us, a little help would go a long way.

The knee booster braceis a breakthrough device that allows you to lift easily by supporting your thighs, calves, and reducing the pressure on your knees.

It is the perfect product for anyone with bad knees, workers who bend for long periods, delivery people who are carrying boxes often, or even frequent hikers who have to cover long distances at a time.

knee booster mechanism
How the Knee Booster works

How the Knee Booster works?

The joint helper features patented spring-loaded technology that supports your legs and knees firmly, providing the extra backing you need. It features a V-shaped open-air design with soft neoprene fabric that stays cool and is comfortable to wear. You can wear them over or your clothes. The material is also hypoallergenic and resists odors and bacteria.

knee booster brace
a man and a women wearing knee boosterd
a woman execising with the knee booster

The high-tensile carbon steel springs, commercial-grade Velcro, and polycarbonate plates are of high-quality and make the device dependable for a long time.

It comes with a two-strap system, which makes it extremely easy to wear and adjust. Moreover, each booster weighs less than a pound, making it almost unnoticeable while you are wearing it. The straps are easy to remove for cleaning.

a man execising with the knee booster
how to hold the device to your knee

The benefits of the knee support

  • Reduces joint pressure – the joint booster reduces up to 70 pounds (31kg) of the strain on your knees
  • Relieves ligament stress – the revolutionary spring-loaded technology bolsters your joints, relieving instability in your medial, anterior, posterior, and lateral ligaments.
  • Boosts lifting power – the knee helper allows you to lift more massive objects by making it easier to bend and squat
  • Increases your endurance – enjoy an increase in power when working. This product is perfect for professionals who need to walk a lot.

So, whether you are moving packages, hiking trails, playing your several sports, or you have some knee issues, the knee assistant is all you need.

the knee booster sizechart
a woman execising using the knee booster

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