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Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry

Are you an avid angler who loves to spend your days casting a line and reeling in the big ones? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new, convenient way to enjoy your favorite pastime? Either way, the Pen Fishing Rod is the perfect tool for you!

The flexible fishing rod is just over 3 ft long.
Fishing rod colors

This innovative fishing rod is designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to carry with you wherever you go. It fits easily into your pocket, purse, or backpack, making it perfect for those impromptu fishing trips or for packing on a camping or hiking trip.

But don’t let its small size fool you – the pocket pen fishing rod is incredibly strong and durable, thanks to its high-quality materials and construction. The telescoping design allows you to adjust the rod to the perfect length for your needs, while the comfortable grip handle ensures a secure and comfortable hold.

Balck fishing rod
Gray fishing rod

But perhaps the best feature of the mini pen fishing rod is its versatility. It’s suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and can be used to catch a wide range of species, from bass to trout to catfish. And with the included accessories – a reel, line, and lures – you’ll have everything you need to start fishing right out of the box.

So if you’re ready to take your fishing game to the next level, don’t wait any longer – get the mini pocket fishing rod today and start reeling in those fish like a pro!

Yellow fishing rod

A portable fishing rod to take anywhere

The Pen Fishing Rod is a darling to carry along in your backpack, glove box, tackle bag, and pocket. 
It’s a chic, portable version of your everyday fishing rod, and will come in handy those times you’re out in the sun and just decide to drop by the lake or pond and fish for a bit. 
Granted, it will not replace your regular size fishing rod as the tool of choice when planning a monster fishing trip over the weekend.
Still, do not be fooled by the size; it may look absurdly tiny, but it CAN catch fish! 

The fishing pen is painless to set up.

For starters, you won’t break a sweat setting this pocket fishing pen up as it comes in only two parts: the rod and reel. 
The rod has got two grooves into which you slide the reel. You then screw down a circular nut to grip the reel even firmer in place.
Also, the spool has got a little nob onto which you attach a looped end of your line and fasten. You can then spool in the rest of the line. 

Big fish, small fish, catch ’em all.

From bluegill, tilapia and Mayan, to big catfish and largemouth bass, this baby fishing rod will surprise you with each catch. 
Sure enough, you’ll have an easier time using this to catch small fish. Still, this fishing pen will catch you some pretty sizeable fish if you’ll only dare to try. 
The reel, being micro, may not reel in as fast, but this is no real problem as you can always replace it with something more menacing.

Why you’ll love the pocket pen rod:

  • As “pen portable” as they come; will fit in your backpack, glove box or pocket, so you whip it out and fish on the go.
  • No backlash or bird’s nest; in addition to the drag, the reel has also got a convenient “stop pad” to press on and hold the line in place. 
  • Baby rod, big fish; it catches fish, no doubt. Bass, catfish, or carp, you name it.
  • Flexible rod, smooth cast; the rod is flexible and will withstand a sizable catch. The smooth spool casts far, too, and is excellent for practicing casting.

Grab one of these portable bad boys for yourself or as a gift for fishing enthusiasts and beginners alike. 

Red fishing rod
The reel full with the line spooled in.
Pen fishing rod with reel attached.
Instructional graphic with showing different parts of your pen fishing rod.
Your fishing rod comes in your favorite colors!

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Customer Reviews

11 reviews for Pen Fishing Rod

  1. 4 out of 5

    Zoey. P Country flag


  2. David. F Country flag

    Man, this thing is wicked! It does exactly what it’s designed to do, which is rip right through wood! It made short work of our Christmas tree after we took it down this year. I’d recommend that you take your time and watch to make sure the cut doesn’t bind the saw or you’ll have to finagle it out and start again. I used short to medium length strokes, and it was through a 7-inch tree in less than 10 minutes. I would recommend this for anyone in need of a portable saw. Perfect length, weight, and size to carry around in a pack or even on your belt.

  3. John. V Country flag

    So I’ve used this for several months now on trees around my property. I’ve been cutting high limbs off using a rope attached to the handles. This is pretty serious work, and this little saw has held up very well. The handles haven’t frayed, and the links haven’t broken despite some pretty serious use (abuse?). It’s pretty amazing the size of a branch you can cut with this thing. It doesn’t hurt to be in good shape and have upper body strength…but the tool holds up and does the job.

  4. Joseph. J Country flag

    This is a great saw that chews through wood like it’s nothing! It’s a chain saw blade with nice handles on both ends. I used this on a recent overnight backpacking trip to cut up some fallen branches into sizes more manageable for a campfire. This saw cut through the fallen wood like a hot knife through butter… okay, maybe not exactly, but I did cut through the wood with little effort. This saw comes with a little nylon storage pouch so you can attach it to your pack. It’s lightweight and takes up very little space.

  5. Samuel. T Country flag

    Great saw!

  6. Aiden. R Country flag

    I mountain bike and after storms, there are usually tree limbs in the way. This little guy can rip through 5-inch branches easily. Fairly sturdy and sharp, I wonder how long it’ll last. But, for now, it has been used on several limbs. Fits on a belt or in a fanny pack easily, case with saw fits in your hand.

  7. Theodore. I Country flag

    Works well, much easier than sawing/chopping with a knife, a fair amount tougher than a hand saw, but for how lightweight and small it is you can’t beat it. Bought it for my 72 hour kit in case I needed to cut some firewood

  8. Owen. G Country flag

    This is a great little saw, and unlike those cheap wire/cable saws, this cuts wood. It can be used to cut up bigger logs than a folding saw can handle. Of course, the log has to be off the ground a bit already, or you have to prop it up first. Unlike most saws you’re likely to bring backpacking, this one can be used with two men–in fact, it works excellently like this (basically cutting the cutting time in half). The teeth are quite aggressive, so you’re not going to get a perfectly smooth cut, but it certainly works quickly. Cutting smaller logs/sticks that aren’t wedged in is difficult but not impossible.

  9. Jack. B Country flag

    This product was quite a surprise when it arrived. The surprise was that the cutting blade is actually a chainsaw blade. I wasn’t sure how well that would work in the absence of a gas (or electric) motor to supply the necessary rotating motion.

  10. Mateo. X Country flag

    An excellent tool to own. I bought this for an extended backpacking trip with the Mrs. since she likes her campfires. I tried it out when I first got it, cutting some 2″ – 3″ branches from my trees. It sawed through them beautifully and without hesitation.

  11. Sebastian. P Country flag

    This thing works great! I put some 550 cord on the ends, fastened a couple of short metal rods to the cord as handles to make it easier on the hands.
    I just threw it over the limb I wanted to cut, and a few minutes of sawing later, I was finished. It’s not hard to use either.

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