Enchanting Sea Turtle Bracelet

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Bracelets are a common accessory whose history goes back millennia. A hand bejeweled with a bangle symbolizes a deeper message or status. Furthermore, a wrist adorned with a bracelet simply looks good, interesting and appealing compared to a plain one.

For instance, the Sea Turtle is an important and sacred symbol in the myths and legends of a lot of indigenous cultures. They appear regularly in ancient carvings by the Greeks, Native Americans Africans and Chinese, just to mention a few.

These creatures are at home whether on land or at sea. They famously carry their homes wherever they go – on their backs. You can impress these qualities on your look with the stunning Sea Turtle Bracelet that is designed to embody your oneness with nature.


  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Spectacular, unique, Boho design that cannot be found anywhere else
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Naturally, the ocean turtle manifests the continuity of life in many cultures. These animals are famous for living long lives, easily clocking 100 years, even while facing incredible odds.

Carry this symbol to inspire strength and protection even during life’s most challenging situations. Like the turtle, you will always find that you have more strength and will within you to carry on, and that home is not necessarily a place, but a feeling that you carry with you no matter where the universe decides to ferry you.

Thanks to its vibrant colors, this bracelet is intentionally designed to inspire joy, hope, and liveliness whether in summer or winter.

Make a statement with the cute turtle bracelet

Create a beach, lively and serene aura with this stunning bangle. Thanks to its minimalist design, it does not matter whether you are walking down the beach or you are enjoying a pleasant day in New York City. It comes in the perfect ocean blue hue and would make for a perfect gift for a loved one.

The bracelet arrives in an adorable velvet bag that adds to the whole marvelous vibe of the piece. By wearing this band, you can rest assured that you are helping in a small way to help endangered turtles and other sea animals since a part of the proceeds go to conservation efforts.

One size fits all

This band is made from high-quality materials so that it can match up to its reputation of standing up to the tests of time. The emblem, as well as the beads, will not fade even when exposed to water periodically.

It is easily adjustable to fit both a slender or slightly large wrist effortlessly. Consequently, do not worry whether it will fit or not, especially if you are buying as a gift.

Moreover, this bangle is so light and easy on your hand, you will often forget that you are wearing it until you get a compliment from a friend, or even a stranger.

Sea Turtle Chain Jewelry Tips

  • Do not expose to chemicals
  • Avoid impact and scratching
  • Do not sleep in your anklet
  • Avoid showering in your anklet
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