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Mini Hand Controlled Drone

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to keep your kids entertained? Look no further than the hand controlled drone! This innovative toy is perfect for kids of all ages and is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

The Mini Drone Quad Induction Levitation UFO uses advanced induction technology to hover and fly in midair, providing a unique and exciting experience for kids. It’s easy to operate, with simple hand gestures used to control the drone’s movement. Plus, with a lightweight and portable design, kids can take it with them wherever they go.

In addition to its unique levitation capabilities, the hand operated drone also comes with a variety of interactive features. The built-in LED lights provide a stunning visual display, while the built-in sound effects add an extra layer of excitement to the experience. Plus, the drone is equipped with a durable and crash-resistant design, ensuring that it can withstand rough play and accidental drops.

So if you want to keep your kids entertained and engaged with a fun and innovative toy, the flynova ball is the perfect choice. With its advanced technology and interactive features, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for kids of all ages.

The hand sensor drone is the ultimate toy for kids who are interested in drones. Its advanced induction technology allows it to hover and fly in midair, providing a unique and exciting experience. It’s easy to operate, with simple hand gestures used to control the drone’s movement, and its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. Plus, with automatic object avoidance and colorful LED lights, this drone is sure to impress. Whether you’re playing with it by yourself or with friends, the hand controlled mini drone is the perfect choice for endless entertainment.

Light drone ufo

Intelligent drone quad induction levitation ufo sensors

Hover, levitate, and fly

You’d never guess how this induction drone takes off. You may be wondering, if this drone has got no remote control, how on earth does it take off? Well, it gets better wit this drone. To take off, toss it in the air. That’s it.
Once you follow the simple instructions on how to calibrate and prep the drone for take-off, just place it flat on your palm and toss it in the air. The drone then takes off and starts to hover, levitate, and fly about. How do you suppose this drone lands then? Well, just grab it out of the air and flip it over, and just like that, it instantly stops.

Low battery feature levitation ufo360 degree safety feature drone

It doesn’t get any safer than a drone designed for kids. You may be familiar with the safety drawbacks of most drones and quadcopters. You know, the kind of drawback that involves propellors on one side, and cuts and injuries to fingers, on the other. Well, this drone is designed especially for safety. Heck, it’s a toy for kids. The exterior is a UFO-shaped mesh cage that safely shields the props. The polished metal cage gives this induction drone a premium feel and finish. But aesthetics aside, the cage is made of highly flexible ABS material. Another perc of ABS material is that it’s eco-friendly, durable, and will withstand high impact.
Control your drone quad induction levitation ufo with small gestures Light and small levitation ufo
Why the mini drone quad induction levitation UFO:

  • Easiest drone to control. You don’t need a remote control. It navigates by sensing your hands.
  • Toss it in the air to take off. Grab it out of the air and flip it over to stop.
  • This drone keeps rotating/revolving as it hovers and flies, which is cool. 
  • Super safe for kids. A sturdy, flexible UFO-shaped meshed cage shields the propellors from fingers and all. 
  • Colorful LED lights make this drone an aesthetic sight in the night sky
  • Easy to charge. Your USB charger will do the job.

Red drone quad ufo Blue drone quad ufo

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Customer Reviews

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  1. 4 out of 5

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  2. T*****I Country flag

    This hand controlled flying mini drone is a superhit amongst children. This newly bought mini drone is easy to operate unlike the previous drone which I bought. The mini drone is an absolute fun in the house and I don¡¯t have to worry too much about the safety of my children as it comes with a safety net which prevents any damage to not only kids but also to the product itself. This product has similarities with the flying ball but the mini drone is a much safer and best option. It has multiple sensors that helps to move drone to any direction.

    Highly recommend this product for drone beginners.”



  3. M****G Country flag

    This flying UFO is fun inside the house, outside and for pretty much all age groups! It’s really cool. You can launch it from your hand and it goes the opposite direction when you wave your hand by it. Put your hand under it it goes up. Put your hand over it it goes down ect
    User review ufo drone

  4. J*B Country flag

    Took a while to figure out but even a preteen enjoyed this.

  5. M**X Country flag

    The level of technology in this toy drone is amazing for the money it costs. Just throwing it into the air once it is turned on gets it flying in a very stable flight path. On board sensors allow it to reverse its flight path to avoid hitting walls and obstacles. Placing your hand near it lets you sort of “toss” it in the direction you want it to go without actually touching it. Every now and then, it comes across an object it can’t sense, and it tumbles to the ground and stops. No problem, though. It is small and light enough that it does no damage to itself or the object. The shroud around it prevents the propellers from ever coming into contact with objects or fingers. It makes a great office toy until the boss comes in and takes it over.
    User review ufo drone

  6. S******P Country flag

    Well done, easy to fly, fast charging

  7. L*F Country flag

    This flying ball drone is so much fun. I bought it for my kids and I even got in on the fun with them. I guarantee you will have fun with the kids as well.
    User review ufo drone

  8. S**V Country flag

    Have lots of fun with this UFO toy my girl like it

  9. L**J Country flag

    I had bought these for my toddler, but these days I am playing with it more than my son. This drone is so much fun. My son believes I have magic and can control it with my mind. Now I am a dad with migical! Plastic is very lightweight and kind of soft, so my son can play with it safely. I love how it senses nearby objects and try to move away.

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