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An extra layer of protection

Are you concerned about the safety and security of your home or hotel room? Are you worried about unexpected visitors or burglaries? If so, then you need a Portable Door Lock!

Our security door locks is designed to provide an extra layer of protection for your home or hotel room. It’s easy to install and requires no tools or screws, so you can set it up in minutes. Simply slide the lock over the door handle and lock it into place using the key provided.

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But the benefits of our door safety lock don’t stop there. It’s also lightweight and compact, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling for work or just heading out for the day, you can bring your portable door lock with you and feel confident that your home or hotel room is secure.

And with the durable, high-quality construction, you can rest assured that our hotel door lock will stand up to the test of time. It’s made of strong metal and features a weather-resistant coating, so it can withstand the elements and keep your home or hotel room safe and secure.

So if you want to feel safe and secure in your home or hotel room, then our travel door lock is the perfect choice for you. It’s easy to install, lightweight, and durable, making it the ideal solution for anyone looking to add an extra layer of protection to their home or hotel room.

Keep your home safe

A home security system is effective at keeping your home safe. But what happens when you are out on a business trip or a family vacation in unfamiliar territory?
That is when the portable door lock saves the day. It gives you the power to make any door impenetrable.
It is compact, portable and can easily fit into your briefcase, backpack, or carry-on bag to keep you safe from intruders no matter where you are.
The revolutionary portable door bar installs in seconds and creates an opposing force against any pressure applied to the door from outside. Enjoy peace of mind, whether at home, at the office, in an Airbnb, or a hotel room.

Unmatched durability and ease of use

The portable security device features an ingenious design of angles and hinges that anchor it firmly in place, especially when subjected to a force from the outside. It comes with an ultra-strong extension foot that bears down on any floor surface to form a sturdy barricade. T works with all types of floors, including wood, tiles, concrete, etc.
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  • Portable and lightweight design – the lock easily fits in a backpack or briefcase. Enjoy personal security at home, work, or on-the-go.
  • Easy to use – the security equipment is as easy to use as switching a faucet on and off.
  • Durable – made of extremely durable material

The real beauty and charm lie in this lock’s simplicity to use. First, anyone can install the device, with no need for any special tools or expertise. Moreover, in case of any emergencies, the portable door jammer removes swiftly with a single pull. It is TSA-friendly for carry-on travel, which means you can go with it anywhere around the globe.
This fixture is a great gift to give to anyone who travels a lot, moving soon, or going to college.
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Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Security Portable Door Lock for Travel Hotel House

  1. 4 out of 5

    Bella. F Country flag


  2. Gabriella. V Country flag

    There was nothing I disliked about this product. used it every night on a recent trip not just to block the hotel room but also to prevent kiddos from going to the balcony while I was asleep. A very handy gadget. beyond easy to install. sturdy as can be. glad I came across this product for my peace of mind and I wished I had it for all prior business trips.

  3. Maxwell. J Country flag

    I like to take power naps in my office and do not like to be disturbed during that time. This prevents the secretary or security people who have the master key to my office to just unlock the door and walk in while I’m napping. It works great. I have tested it with friends who tried to get in.

  4. Aaliyah. T Country flag

    I bought this because I watch too much true crime tv. I get a bit scared of traveling alone, so I looked into security products to ease my mind. Since this is adjustable, it can be used with doors at different heights (or with different size gaps under the door). The last time I traveled, I felt secure and slept well knowing the door couldn’t be opened from the outside.

  5. Naomi. R Country flag

    Very pleased w this product. Easy to put in place and quite effective. I use it on a wood floor but it comes w a handy modification to give it grip on carpet too. It provides a solid ground lock for the door – probably best to use a mid door lock/bolt to fully secure a door as one point stop can be breached if enough force is applied. Still an excellent addition to a home or travel (small) protection plan.

  6. Adrian. I Country flag

    I bought this for my wife’s classroom. She is a high school teacher and the “shelter in place” plan just doesn’t seem like enough to me. This thing installs in about ten seconds and it is literally impervious to anyone trying to get in. Please buy one for every teacher you know and have them spend 20 minutes practising how to set it up. The odds of needing it are very small. The consequences of needing it and not having it are huge.

  7. Willow. G Country flag

    I use this every time I travel, especially abroad. At one time, I stayed in a small cave hotel in turkey with a flimsy door that didn’t quite close. I put this door jammer on the firmest part of the door and felt much safer all night. It is extremely easy to set up, you just place the red lip under the door and then unscrew the silver stopper until it is flat against the floor and it holds the door shut. I have fortunately never been in the situation where someone tried to force open the door, but I am confident this would stop them. Any hotel thieves with access to key cards, drunk people at the wrong room, or people looking to take advantage of travellers are not on my list of worries anymore, and I don’t mind paying for a little device for that kind of portable peace of mind.

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